At Scandia Foods we love what we do and our strong family values underpin all of our choices.

We enjoy eating well and we know that good, simple, healthy food is central to well-being. This is why we strive to provide a range of products that give all our customers the freedom to choose great food no matter how busy their lives are.

We insist on using quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. Our Scandinavian heritage, years of experience and passion for what we do enables us to produce healthy and delicious food.

Our Brands

Seafood has been part of our business for generations. We have combined our experience with creating high quality products with sustainable seafood practices, demanded by today's discerning customers. This combination along with our Free From certification on all of our seafood products, has allowed us to offer a special range of healthy, tasty, Free From and 'friendly' products.

Free From just got freer! We understand the challenges of catering for diets without gluten, wheat, or dairy, which is why at Ockery we take a different approach to Free From food. We use only essential ingredients to create tasty, simple, honest and affordable recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family - Free From lovers too. (coming soon)